About Us

The two managing directors Alexander Voulgaris and Arnold Sampl (AVS) have more than 25 years of know-how in the development and the production of hydraulic rotator systems. Since 2011, the company is managed as a limited liability company. Mr. Sampl has many years of experience in manufacturing as a mechanical engineering master.

Through further developments of the inventions by Andreas Voulgaris, our rotators have been upgraded to a new technical standard. The entire model range was revised and new inventions and patents were used!

Thanks to new production methods and logistics initiated by Mr. Arnold Sampl, delivery times can be specified, which makes a significant contribution to customer satisfaction. In addition, the company AVS has a state-of-the-art CNC production!

The further development of materials and technology is based on many years of experience in mechanical engineering! The assembly and quality control is done manually with each hydraulic motor leaving our factory. This guarantees highest precision and production quality – made in AUSTRIA.

Thanks to new innovative technologies and the proven reliability of our rotators, we can look to the future with confidence!


At this point we would like to honor Mr. Andreas Voulgaris, who paved the way for us with numerous patents.


23.4.1941 – 19.7.2012