Hydraulic rotators for cranes and gripper arms


Hydraulic rotators for excavators and construction machinery


Hydraulic rotators for special applications

Archimedes Gerotor Principle

Our superior drive technology with gerotor principle is based on a strong forged drive shaft made of special steel and withstands the highest bending moments.

Uniform & Compatible Hole Circles

Every hydraulic rotator available on the market can be replaced with an AVS rotator with identical mounting dimensions. We are happy to help you find the right type!

Robust & Compact Design

Our low-wear control system allows a long service life at compact dimensions and common connection dimensions.

Powerful Start-up & Smooth Braking

AVS rotators offer a powerful, slow and smooth start-up and, thanks to the construction-related positioning brake, also a smooth braking behavior.

High Bending Moments & Loads

Our rotators offer high bending moments and, thanks to tapered roller bearings and double-bearing drive shafts, also enormous radial and axial load capacities.

High Quality Sealing System

Extrem resistant, twisted and hydrolysis resistant special seals ensure smooth operation over a wide temperature range.


Innovative design & outstanding technology

made in AUSTRIA

For over 30 years, we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality hydraulic motors based on the Archimedes G-Rotor principle.

The compact design, uniform and compatible bolted holes, smooth braking behavior, high bending moment and a high quality sealing system characterize the robust motors.

Customers in and outside Europe appreciate our quality made in Austria.

Areas of Application

What our hydraulic rotators are used for …

  • Construction (civil engineering)
  • Forestry & Landscape Architecture
  • Waste Management & Scrap Handling
  • Road Construction & Winter Service
  • Energy industry (electricity, oil & gas)
  • Demolition & dismantling
  • Material handling
  • Track construction & track maintenance
  • Special applications


(G-Rotor principle)

Each AVS Rotator runs on the G-Rotor Principle (hydraulic rotator with toothed washer construction).  The interaction of a three-way driving unit with a double distributor-valve function, bypass valves and proportionally adjustable pressure compensation valves makes up the innovative drive of the rotator.  Gear teeth ensure a positive connection between rotor and shaft. The rotor has an external gear. Pressure chambers arise from the interaction between this external gear and the internal gear of the rotor ring. Distibutor plates are on both sides of the rotor. The distributor plates run the rotor. Due to the distributor plates the pressure chambers are alternately filled and emptied. The distributor plates in turn are filled and emptied by the connections.

Due to the displacement principle the rotor ring is moved eccentrically over the rotor. The rotor ring rolls away over the rotor housing and consequently generates a torque. As a result the rotor turns. The force of the distributor plates, witch acts on the rotor, is adjusted by proportionally adjustable pressure compensation valves. In that way wear is reduced to a minimum and durability is highly increased. Due to the inversion of the flow direction the direction of the rotation changes. In order to put the AVS-Rotators to the best possible use an operating pressure from at least 180 to a maximum of 320 bar.


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The new AVS Rotator Type ARG 50 – 2.1DD with 4 – fold lead-through was developed for excavators up to a service weight of up to 8 tonnes.

Details can be found in the datasheet.

The new AVS Rotator Type ARB 200 was developed for fixed attachment to excavators with a service weight of up to 26 tonnes.

Details can be found in the datasheet.